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Post by Fox on Sat Dec 22, 2007 6:50 am

Have you decided that, as a woman, all you can do is sit and wait for the types of men you want to come to you because itís their job to do the chasing? Tell me, exactly how many good men have you come across using this strategy? How many of them would you say you had a fulfilling relationship with, whatever type of relationship you were interested in?

Itís time to take some initiative to attract and keep the men you want. Womenís Lair will present you with the teachings of the seduction community, a mostly male-targeted society, and cater them towards a womanís perspective. You will learn the skills of both outer and inner game Ė from openers and routines to how to overcome approach anxiety and boost your confidence and self worth. Itís time to take control of your love life and have the men you want doing the chasing.

Womenís Lair is a forum for women, by women. Whether youíre here to learn how to recognize a male pickup artist or how to become a female counterpart of the term, youíll find support, advice, and opportunities to share your knowledge at Womenís Lair.

-- FOX

P.S.: For a general overview of the seduction community, read The Seduction Community Overview for Women

Men may build our trains and cities, but does that make them stronger or does it make them pussy-whipped?

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